Pastor: Dr. Randy & Maria Bunch

Dr. Randy is the pastor of Northeast Christian Church. Randy and his wife, Maria, are both natives Kern County. Dr. Randy has spent over 30 years in ministry, while Maria has served the same length of time as an educator, teaching First Grade.

In addition to serving as a church planter and pastor, Dr. Randy has also traveled extensively and authored several books. He also serves as an adjunct professor at Summit Bible College, right here in Bakersfield, California. Dr. Randy is also heavily involved in digital media, having founded Connecting Point Communications, a ministry that reaches around the world through Skype Crusades, Television Broadcasts, books, and other forms of online media. Randy and Maria have six children and seven grandchildren.


Thomas Rayzor

“I have been a member of Northeast Christian Church for about seven years.  My wife and I joined this fellowship after moving back to California from New Mexico. Unfortunately, my wife died a little over a year ago, after a two-year decline.  At the time, we were not very active in the church because of her illness. Since her death, I have become more involved. I have a son and daughter, and two grandsons (both grown and married).

I am the newest elder, I have been in office four months, and am the oldest, chronologically. I’m 84 years old.  I have been a Christian since my youth, I was baptized at 19, and my wife and I have been active in the Christian Church wherever we lived.

Roy Scarazzo

Roy has been a member of Northeast Christian Church since it was formed in 2007 from the merger of the East Hills and University Avenue Christian congregations, having been baptized into Christ at East Hills in 1997.  He has been an Elder since 2016.  With lots of help from others, including his wife, the lovely Gail, Roy leads the worship music portion of our Sunday morning service.  In the workplace, he is an ambassador for Christ and Controller at the office of Gregory D. Bynum and Associates, Inc., a real estate Development and management company.  As a CPA, Roy also has a sideline preparing income taxes, helping to minimize what his clients “render unto Caesar.”

A native of northwestern PA/northeastern OH, Roy volunteered for three years in the U.S. Army in the mid-seventies, spent mostly in Augsburg, Germany.  He came to Bakersfield in 1982, the year he graduated from Youngstown (OH) State University, and is happy to say that his three children and his grandson also call Bakersfield home.

Wiley Hughes